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    It's time we work together as friends and neighbors to take back our freedom, regain control of the fruits of our labor, and live more peaceful prosperous lives. We start by telling Washington and the media that we will not be ruled by fear any longer.

  • About Robert Perry

    Robert Perry is running for Congress to represent the people of Kentucky's 2nd Congressional District. He has a successful 25-year career as a software engineer. He can think for himself. And, he is not a professional politician. His disdain for the two-party system's continual promotion of fear and envy has drawn him into the political arena.


    Robert was first introduced to the word "libertarian" while watching Harry Browne, Libertarian presidential candidate during the 2000 election cycle. Robert feels he has been a Libertarian all his life. Many libertarian principles are reflected in his intellectual pursuits, his management style, and his software designs. To Robert libertarianism represents an elegant set of solutions for organizing society by maximizing both harmony and prosperity.


    Robert has been an active advocate for the libertarian movement. He has studied the works of brilliant observers who saw how peaceful exchange of values leads to higher social order and greater prosperity for all. He has supported Libertarian candidates and the Libertarian Party of Kentucky.


    This year Robert is stepping up to take a more active role. He's taking time away from his career to give Kentuckians a peaceful path to prosperity.


  • Issues


    Inciting envy has always been an easy path to power. Those who thirst for; power merely need to say, "Look what they have that you do not. Is that fair? They did not earn that. That should belong to you. Give me power, and I will take it for you." This is how wealth is taken. It is not how wealth is created.


    To create wealth individuals must have the motivation to produce value for themselves and to willingly exchange that value with their fellow man. To do this efficiently, producers must know the needs of their fellow man clearly and without market distortions such as tariffs, subsidies, or price controls.


    The government does have a rightful place in this system. It is meant to protect the producers and their customers. Government's role is to fight theft, extortion, and fraud; not to implement them.


    We are all passionate about getting the best healthcare possible for our family and friends. Attempting to socialize the cost of healthcare is a mistake because it will bring disinterested agents into the decision process. It will bring us into never-ending conflict about how much we, as a nation, should spend on health care relative to other expenses, what we should and should not cover, and how much to spend on diseases that impact various demographics unequally. As cost controls lead to shortages, socialized health care will come into direct conflict with personal liberties. Bureaucrats may permit "bad actors" to consume an unfair portion of health care services.


    We never will be, nor should we be content with our healthcare, as its efficacy will never live up to our desires. However, if we recognize that responsibility for an individual's well being rests with that individual then the role of government is to remove barriers to free market decisions. This will result in a fairer, more effective, innovative healthcare system.



    If we maintain a culture that expects each person to be self sufficient while contributing to the communal standard of living, then immigrants who choose to live in such a society will be seen as new assets. But, if we maintain a culture that anticipates each person taking what they can, then each immigrant is seen as a competing mouth at the trough. I advocate becoming a society that values and welcomes immigrants.


    Our failure to accomplish this has resulted in millions of people who grew up in this country, and know no other, struggling with confusing immigration laws and the uncertainty of pending deportation. These individuals have been here long enough that they are now our blessing or our problem, depending on the individual in question. Either way, it is unreasonable to ask them to leave or ask their country of origin to take them back. Above all, it is immoral to leave this unresolved.

    Right to Bear Arms​

    Individuals not only have a right to life, liberty, and property but also have a right to use force in defense of these rights. Depriving an individual of their ability to defend themselves is a form of aggression, just as much as violating their life, liberty, or property. Thus, we must require due process before we take away one's freedom, or one's ability to defend themselves, and for the same reason.


    It is unusual for someone who earns wealth to not do good with it. They tend to invest in themselves, their future, someone they care for, an industry they trust, or a cause they believe in.


    When government takes wealth in the form of taxes, it always does harm to something the earner of the wealth would have invested in. This is not to say that all taxes can be avoided, but for each dollar the government spends, it should acknowledge that something is being taken from its citizenry first and thus it has a fiduciary responsibility to its citizenry that each dollar spent is of substantial benefit to the general welfare of its citizens. Investment in industries and causes should be the sole domain of the citizens who believe in them.

    Foreign Affairs​​

    If you want to help those around you learn to live a better life, be a better example. Forcing others to live as you see fit, is too costly in blood and treasure. This is true for individuals, organizations, communities, and countries.

    Drug prohibition

    We cannot save people from themselves, yet we continue to destroy the lives of many innocents with the war on drugs. We have created a black market that funds criminals, breeds violence, and spawns distrust. We have let it interfere with the production of useful products and use of beneficial medicines. It is time to cut our losses and end this war.


    We are best defended by a strong economy. Friendly trading partners are not likely to initiate war against us. As for those who choose not to engage in fair trade, we need a well trained, well funded, technologically advanced, voluntary military that has the ability to project power. However, we should behave such that our ability to project power is never of concern to those who mean us no harm.

  • Donate


    Helping the 532,145 voters of Kentucky's second district know that we can live better lives by living together more peacefully is a mammoth undertaking, especially while other interests are funded so well by the politics of hate, fear, and envy.


    Our only chance is for those of us who are passionate about peace to volunteer, ensuring our message is heard.


    Does life have you too busy to volunteer? That's fantastic!!! We love the idea of people living their lives. We most sincerely hope that it is someone you love or work you are passionate about that has you so busy. Politicians don't build our society. Busy people like yourself do. Preventing the government from interfering with the lives of people like yourself is the reason we are here.


    That said, we still need your help. Financial contributions are not only much appreciated, but act as a force multiplier for the efforts of our volunteers. The Perry for Kentucky team is committed to taking more care with donated money than we take with our own money, which is why we have a couple of ways you can donate. We are delighted to receive your support either way, just pick the one that is right for you.

    This option is best for donating conveniently and securely online. We accept Apple Pay, Credit Cards, Bank Drafts and Paypal.

    Of course, someone gets a cut for all the hard work it takes to providing the convenience of secure online transaction. This option ensures we receive every last cent of your donation, but it costs us both a bit of time visiting mail boxes.  

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