• About Robert Perry

    Sorry, but I am not running in 2022

    Robert Perry is running for United States Congress to represent all the people in Kentucky's 2nd Congressional District. Having spent 25 years as a successful software engineer, Robert has proven that he can think for himself, and just as importantly, he is not a professional politician. Robert's disdain for our "two-party" system and its encouragement of fear and envy has driven him to action.
    Introduced to the word "libertarian" during a 2000 debate that included Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne, Robert feels as though he has been a libertarian all his life. This passion is reflected in his many pursuits, whether it be his management style or the technical detail of his software designs. To Robert, libertarianism is an elegant solution that organizes society in a way that maximizes both harmony and prosperity.
    Robert has been an outspoken and active participant in the libertarian movement. He studied the works of brilliant observers who saw how peaceful exchanges of values lead to higher social order and greater prosperity for all. He has supported Libertarian candidates, the Libertarian National Committee, and the Libertarian Party of Kentucky. He played a role in gaining ballot access for Libertarians in three states.
    In 2020, he is going further. Robert is taking time away from his career to offer Kentuckians a Representative in the federal government that will push for a peaceful path to prosperity.