• Federal Candidates

    Kentucky has an opportunity to show the nation that we are not backing down on sending principled candidates who believe in protecting all our rights while being fiscally responsible and letting the other countries govern themselves. In fact, we are upping our game.

    US Senate

    US House - 2nd District

    US House - 6th District

  • State Candidates

    Too often, voters only pay attention to national elections and think nothing of who we are sending to Frankfort until it is too late, and Frankfort has already botched the job.

    We need Libertarians at the state level who understand that individual Kentuckians are quite capable of deciding what paths in life are right for themselves.

    State Senate 3

    Mike (Guy) Miller

    State Senate 5

    Bryan Short

    State Senate 27

    State House 2

    State House 18

    State House 23

    Randall Daniel

    State House 26

    State House 49

    State House 66

    Bill Mitchell

    State House 69

    State House 78

  • Local Candidates

    All politics are local, and this year more than ever, that seems to be the case. It’s often your local officials who impact your day to day lives the most. I hope you make sure they are good people with respect for the liberty of each individual.

    Marshall Co, Constable

    Brandon Wright

    Cave City, City Council