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    Helping the 532,145 voters of Kentucky's second district know that we can live better lives by living together more peacefully is a mammoth undertaking, especially while other interests are funded so well by the politics of hate, fear, and envy.


    Our only chance is for those of us who are passionate about peace to volunteer, ensuring our message is heard.


    Does life have you too busy to volunteer? That's fantastic!!! We love the idea of people living their lives. We most sincerely hope that it is someone you love or work you are passionate about that has you so busy. Politicians don't build our society. Busy people like yourself do. Preventing the government from interfering with the lives of people like yourself is the reason we are here.
    That said, we still need your help. Financial contributions are not only much appreciated, but act as a force multiplier for the efforts of our volunteers. The Perry for Kentucky team is committed to taking more care with donated money than we take with our own money, which is why we have a couple of ways you can donate. We are delighted to receive your support either way, just pick the one that is right for you.

    This option is best for donating conveniently and securely online. We accept Apple Pay, Credit Cards, Bank Drafts and Paypal.

    Of course, someone gets a cut for all the hard work it takes to provide the convenience of secure online transaction. This option ensures we receive every last cent of your donation, but it costs us both a bit of time visiting mailboxes.