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    Inciting envy has always been a path to power. Some who want power for themselves say "Look what others have that you don't. That's not fair! That should be yours. Empower me, and I'll take it for you." This may be how wealth is taken, but it is not how wealth is created.
    To create wealth, people must be motivated to work, to create something of value. Then, they need to be willing to exchange that value with others. To do this well, they must be able to understand the needs of others without market distortions caused by the government like tariffs, subsidies, or price controls.
    The government has a rightful place in our lives, and that place is to protect us, the producers, the service providers and the customers. In other words, the government's role is to fight theft, assault, extortion, and fraud; not to implement them.


    Who isn't passionate about getting the best healthcare possible for their family and friends? Robert believes that socializing healthcare is a mistake because it requires bureaucrats, who may not share the same passion for ourselves and our loved ones, to make decisions about our healthcare. This will bring us into never ending conflict about how much the government should spend on healthcare relative to other expenses; what we should and should not cover; how much to spend on diseases that may impact some demographics, unequally. As cost controls lead to shortages, socialized health care will conflict with our personal liberties.
    We should never be content with our healthcare system. Rather, we should continue pushing for innovation. We can accomplish this by demanding the government remove barriers to free market competition, and by recognizing that the ultimate responsibility for an individual's wellbeing rests with that individual.



    Robert advocates a society that values and welcomes immigrants. If our culture expects each person to be self sufficient and contribute to our standard of living, then immigrants will be seen as assets. On the other hand, if our culture fears individuals exploiting a welfare state, then it will see each immigrant as an interloper.
    Millions of people have been smuggled into our country. They have grown up here knowing no other home. They live in constant fear of deportation. Those people have been here so long that they are part of us. It is unreasonable to require them to leave or ask a country of origin that they never knew to take them back. Above all, it is immoral to leave this unresolved.

    Right to Bear Arms​

    Robert is a strong advocate of the second amendment.


    We all have a right to life, liberty, and property. We also have a right to use force in defense of these rights. Depriving anyone of their ability to defend themselves is in itself a form of aggression, just as much as violating their life, liberty, or property. For this reason, Robert rejects any and all movements that omit due process while depriving individuals of their right to defend themselves.


    People usually do good with their wealth. They tend to invest in themselves, their future, someone they care for, a business, or a cause they believe in.
    When the government takes wealth in the form of taxes, it is always at the expense of something or someone that the taxpayers would have invested in. This is not to say that all taxes should be avoided, but for each dollar the government spends, it should acknowledge that some bit of what the taxpayers have been working for has been taken from them. The government has a fiduciary responsibility to assure that every dollar it spends is of substantial benefit to them. Investment in industry and enterprise should be left entirely to the people, not the government.

    Foreign Affairs​​

    To help people around you learn to live a better life, be a better example. Forcing others to live as we see fit is too costly in blood and treasure. This is true for individuals, organizations, communities, and countries.


    Robert, therefore, objects to policies seeking to dictate our culture or values upon others.

    Drug prohibition

    We can't save people from themselves, yet our "War on Drugs" continues to destroy the lives of many innocent people. We created a black market which funds criminals, breeds violence, and spawns distrust. We allow it to interfere with production of useful products and beneficial medicines. It is time to end this "war".


    We are best defended by a strong economy. Friendly, voluntary, trading partners are unlikely to start a war. We do need a technologically advanced, well trained, properly funded, non-mandatory military that has the ability to project power toward those countries who would violate our liberty. Our ability to project military power must never be any concern to those who mean us no harm.

    Protecting the unborn

    Government is a blunt instrument. Protecting women and the unborn requires judgment and finesse. I trust the judgment and finesse of women with their doctors and ministers to do what is right more than I trust the government. The government has no rightful place in this decision. The government should neither prohibit nor fund abortions.