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    Sorry, but I am not running in 2022


    Wealth is not a zero-sum game. We create wealth when we work together to fulfill each other's needs. Success requires an understanding of needs, the skills and knowledge to meet them, and an investment of time and materials.


    Intrusive governments do more harm than good when it comes to ensuring a satisfactory standard of living. The few who govern cannot understand the diversity of needs nor possess the skills and knowledge to meet them. When the government is allowed too much say in how time and materials are invested, it is often wasted. Worse still, it is usually to the benefit of the very cronies who help those who govern into office.


    Still, the government does have a role. It is maintaining an environment where the best way to improve one's lot in life is to work to fulfill their neighbors' needs. Therefore, the government's primary role in ensuring a prosperous society is preventing theft, extortion, and fraud.

    Law enforcement reform

    Robert has been passionate about Law enforcement reform since helping Officer David Patterson in his 2014 Senate run against Mitch McConnell.


    We have a general problem in that we have too many unnecessary and unpopular laws. The citizenry's disdain for such laws often puts them at odds with law enforcement instead of legislators. This creates a dangerous situation for both citizens and law enforcement. In the words of Frédéric Bastiat, "The safest way to make laws respected is to make them respectable."


    The war on drugs presents a more dire and specific problem in that it creates an illicit market. Illicit markets are disproportionately attractive to individuals in poor communities, who sometimes feel like they have more to gain than lose. Illicit markets also produce few complainants. The lack of complainants means enforcement requires more intrusive tactics, such as invasive searches and undercover operations. Participants of illicit markets also have no legal recourse in cases of theft or fraud. Thus, those who participate often feel it necessary to fill this gap with their own, sometimes violent, means.


    Government interventions in healthcare have been a failure. They increase overhead costs, reduce competition, and exacerbating the third-party payer problem. The FDA drives up pharmaceutical costs by creating monopolies around existing solutions while limiting diversity and innovation in treatment options.


    2020 has been a year of extraordinary government failures in healthcare, not merely by one man, but by the apparatuses in general. Regulations around tests critically delayed our recognition of communicable spread of COVID-19, limited availability of PPE, demonstrated a failure to anticipate basic supply needs, increased bankruptcies in the healthcare system, and contributed to unusually high mortality rates in assisted living facilities.


    The most important contribution our government could have made to the handling the pandemic, apart from staying out of the way, was transparent unbiased dissemination of information. Yet, they failed even in this because the governing have been and continue to be more interested in posturing, positioning, and manipulating than giving the public the information it needs to best make decisions for themselves.


    Continuing to double down on government fixing healthcare is the wrong path. Healthcare is a need, and like our other needs, we can solve it more efficiently with less government intervention. The government's role in healthcare should be to ensure transparency and a competitive market.


    Robert advocates a society that values and welcomes immigrants. If our culture expects each person to be self sufficient and contribute to our standard of living, then immigrants will be seen as assets. On the other hand, if our culture fears individuals exploiting a welfare state, then it will see each immigrant as an interloper.
    Millions of people have been smuggled into our country. They have grown up here knowing no other home. They live in constant fear of deportation. Those people have been here so long that they are part of us. It is unreasonable to require them to leave or ask a country of origin that they never knew to take them back. Above all, it is immoral to leave this unresolved.

    Right to Bear Arms​

    Robert is a strong advocate of the second amendment.


    We have the right to defend our life, liberty, and property. Depriving an individual of this right is an act of aggression. For this reason, Robert rejects all movements that seek to omit due process while depriving individuals of their right to defend themselves.


    People usually do good with their wealth. They tend to invest in themselves, their future, someone they care for, a business, or a cause they believe in. Our representatives in government too often forgetting, or outright deny, that before a dollar spent by the government can do good, the government first does harm by robbing us of the potential it had in our hands.


    Our existing system of taxing production and trade is deeply immoral. These production and trade are how we feed and clothe ourselves and our communities. A consumption tax or system similar to the FAIRtax would be far more efficient, less intrusive, and less prone to gaming and avoidance. It would also do much to curb wasteful consumption of resources, as anyone wanting to pay less in taxes could choose to live a more frugal lifestyle. It would be those who choose to live like kings that would pay.

    Foreign Affairs​​

    To help people around you learn to live a better life, be a better example. Forcing others to live as we see fit is too costly in blood and treasure. This is true for individuals, organizations, communities, and countries.


    Robert, therefore, objects to policies seeking to dictate our culture or values upon others.

    Drug prohibition

    We can't save people from themselves, yet our "War on Drugs" continues to destroy the lives of many innocent people. We created a black market which funds criminals, breeds violence, and spawns distrust. We allow it to interfere with production of useful products and beneficial medicines. It is time to end this "war".


    We are best defended by a strong economy. Friendly, voluntary, trading partners are unlikely to start a war. We do need a technologically advanced, well trained, properly funded, non-mandatory military that has the ability to project power toward those countries who would violate our liberty. Our ability to project military power must never be any concern to those who mean us no harm.

    Protecting the unborn

    Government is a blunt instrument. Protecting women and the unborn requires judgment and finesse. I trust the judgment and finesse of women with their doctors and ministers to do what is right more than I trust the government. The government has no rightful place in this decision. The government should neither prohibit nor fund abortions.