• Why Vote Perry

    Sorry, but I am not running in 2022

    Perry Believes in Small Government

    Robert Perry is the only congressional candidate for Kentucky's 2nd district who believes in small government. This belief is not an excuse for lower taxes, fewer regulations, and the freedom to do whatever he wants, as long as it hurts no one else. His belief in small government comes from peeking over the shoulder of the giants who observed small government as being the right formula for building a stable and peaceful society with a high standard of living and minimum suffering. However, lower taxes and more freedom make participation in society more enjoyable, which is an integral part of how it all works.

    Isn't the Republican Candidate for Small Government?

    No. There are precious few Republicans in government who believe in small government, and those who do tend to get labeled "Libertarian-leaning." Robert would not likely run against a "Libertarian-leaning" candidate, and the Libertarian Party of Kentucky would be unlikely to nominate anyone to oppose a "Libertarian-leaning" congressman. "Libertarian-leaning" congressman means good enough; we have real problems to deal with. Problems such as Brett Guthrie.


    Guthrie has voted to continued spying on U.S. citizens without a warrant, continued protectionism, continued subsidies for bioenergy, and voted in favor of megabus spending bill after megabus spending bill. Guthrie won't even admit that increasing debt ceilings without actions to curb spending is nothing more than kicking the can down the road.


    Guthrie has also not stood for small government when it comes to social issues. While keeping government out of these issues may not matter to republicans, Robert understands that being selectively in favor of intrusive government empowers everyone else to do that same, which results in a government that is large, intrusive, and expensive.

    Aren't Democrats for Personal Freedom?

    No. Democrats and Republicans may have different opinions of what you should be allowed to do while harming no one else. However, they both maintain the fundamental idea that it is their place to protect you from yourself by making decisions for you. A topical example would be the democrat's desire to ban vaping, despite vaps produced by reputable manufacturers presenting lower risk than alternative delivery methods.


    Worse still, the Democrat party's desire to socialize outcomes inevitably leads to centralized decision making, which means less freedom for you. Robert wants individuals to be empowered to make informed decisions for themselves and understands that government must neither manipulate information nor subsidize outcomes for decisions to belong to the individual.

    Why vote your heart?

    In this race, your vote will not determine the election. Sad but true, the number of voters in Kentucky's second district who vote dogmatically based on party makes the outcome all but pre-ordained. However, your vote still matters, as it is your opportunity to let the winner know why they did not get your vote and let future candidates know what they must stand for to get your vote.


    Robert Perry is the only congressional candidate on the ballot for Kentucky's second district that advocates small government. If you agree that the best government is that which governs least, then please vote for Robert Perry, Libertarian Candidate.